Mason, Thomas H.

The Islands of Ireland: Their Scenery, People, Life and Antiquities

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The new edition of the 1930s travel classic by Dubliner and photographer Thomas Mason. With the subtitle Their Scenery, People, Life and Antiquities, the book was written in 1935 when the author had to rest during a bout of pneumonia. Published by B T Batsford, it went through several printings until going out of print, then was revived in the 1960s by Mercier Press in a slim paperback edition with Mason’s photographs replaced by line drawings. This new edition includes all the photographs from the Batsford edition and additional material in the form of biographical notes about the author and his illustrious career and many interests. The subtitle says it all, as in bite-size chapters, the author flits from archaeology to natural history to admiring the scenery but always returns to the people, their struggle with life on the islands, and their sometimes difficult relationship with the government. For all his wistfulness about recording a way of life on the edge of change, Mason’s accounts are always affectionate and full of warmth. The cover photo is his photograph of the peak of the Skellig Michael, made more famous since Luke Skywalker visited it! 168 pages with more than 170 photographs.

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Soft cover


Mason, Thomas H.


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