Rosarie Kingston

Ireland’s Hidden Medicine: An exploration of Irish indigenous medicine from legend and myth to the present day

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An exploration of the rich herbal healing traditions of Ireland which resonate through the country’s landscape, music, festivals and language. Indigenous medicine, no matter where it exists in the world, is characterised by the oral transmission of knowledge and the necessity for each person to be in harmony with themselves, their society and environment, as well as the spirit world. Ireland is no different, and its traditional therapeutic approach is designed to address body, mind, spirit and emotions within the local social and environmental context. However, these ancient healing traditions are increasingly neglected due to the dominance of biomedicine as the country’s primary system of healthcare. Ireland’s Hidden Medicine explores how the core elements of any medical system are always the same: diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, and prevention of ill health. These central elements do not change, but the medical systems which give them expression may evolve, mutate, and even die, because their fortunes are tied up with the changing cultural, technological, and economic paradigms of their societies. This book provides a fascinating look at the history and fortunes of Irish folk medicine – from the legendary god of healing, Dein Checht, to the coming of Christianity and the religious and social backdrop of the nation’s development. The book also provides a seasonal guide to utilising Ireland’s indigenous medicine, which provides a wealth of benefits and a connection to a sacred and therapeutic landscape.

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Soft cover


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